Who We Are – Our Team

Founded in 2003, Central Books has grown from a small company specializing in restaurants, into one of Sonoma County’s premier bookkeeping firms with a staff of fifteen accounting professionals working to serve over sixty-five companies in varied fields of business.

Our growth and success over the past seventeen years, is attributable to the satisfaction of our Clients. We work closely with each and every one of them and pride ourselves on being a member of their company’s Team. They trust us to manage the financial elements of their business and we work hard to exceed their expectations.



Cynthia Fouts, Partner – Since 1990, Cynthia has been working with Accounting Clients in several fields including construction, retail, medical, wholesale, and hospitality. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and her varied experience in the field enables her to apply her solid accounting skills to Clients in diverse industries.

Michael Hirschberg, Partner – Thirty years as a restaurateur in Sonoma County, taught Michael the importance of pleasing each and every Customer. He has dedicated himself to making sure that Centralbooks Clients get the reports that they need to operate their business profitably.

What We Do – Our Services

Administrator Services
Specially-assigned Account Reps focus on just a few Clients each
Immediate response to Client phone calls and emails
Custom-designed Status Reports sent to each Client on a weekly basis
All bank accounts monitored daily and reconciled monthly
Sales Tax Payments calculated, filed, and paid online
Liability and Workmans’ Comp expense calculated and accrued monthly

Payroll Services
Payroll Services are provided at No Extra Charge for Full Service Clients
Employee Paychecks prepared on schedule
State and Federal Payroll taxes filed and paid per schedule
Termination and Unscheduled Paychecks prepared same day
No special fees for Year-End Payroll Tax Reporting and W2s

Clerical Tasks
Our skilled Support Staff efficiently handles weekly data entry and record keeping
Sales Data reconciled and entered into Quickbooks
All Vendor Bills entered, paid, prepared for mailing, and sent out weekly
Vendor Statements reconciled, Inquiries addressed and resolved

Accounting/Controller Services
Senior Staff Members provide Auditing and CFO services
Cashflow Monitored and Updated Weekly to ensure adequate funding
Audited Financial Reports issued Monthly, Quarterly, Annually
Workmans’ Comp Insurance Audits handled in our office
Conferencing and consulting with Clients to review Financials
Working with Client CPA in auditing accounts and closing Year-End books

Why Centralbooks?

We know that trusting someone with your Bookkeeping is an important decision. Our clients discover that by letting us deal with the books, they can concentrate on what they do best – running their business!

Hiring Centralbooks instead of hiring an Employee to do your books means no more searching for a dependable person, no more costly payroll benefits and taxes, and no more QB License and Payroll Service fees. Instead of a single Part-Time bookkeeper, you have a Full-Time Team of Bookkeeping Specialists working for you.

Working with Centralbooks means that you, your Staff, your Customers, and your Vendors have uninterrupted access to your bookkeeping department Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:30.

Especially during these challenging economic times, it is important to know exactly where every dollar is going. We create systems that deliver Profit & Loss Statements to you each week – not just once a month – so that you can know immediately how your business is performing!

Each of our Staff Members are specialists in their field of bookkeeping. Whether it’s Payroll, Receivables, Payables, Cashflow Management, Insurance, Banking, or Reporting, our talented Team has the expertise to process the work.

Our Clients have complete confidence in letting Centralbooks handle their business finances.
All of our Staff Members have passed Background Checks and are trained in Confidentiality.
Centralbooks is fully Insured and Bonded, and all Client Data is safe and secure.

What Our Clients Say

“We accepted help from Michael at the opening of our first restaurant before CentralBooks was even a company. His advice to us was to stick the money in a shoebox for the first two weeks and concentrate on making our guests happy. That was 18 years and seven restaurants ago.

As we have grown as a company, CentralBooks has grown with us to create accounting and reporting systems that allow us the room to focus on making our guests happy. Throughout the years, we have always felt our restaurants are well protected and cared for by the team at Central Books.”

– Terri Stark, Stark Reality Restaurants

“For over the past 12 years and multiple restaurants Centralbooks has done a superb job of caring for our many bookkeeping needs – AP, Payroll, Compliance, etc. – all while advising us on our financial condition with reports, projected cash flow and P&L statements. They have never hesitated to customize anything according to our wishes or needs and delivered all of this for a very reasonable fee.”

– Nick Peyton Proprietor, Healdsburg Bar and Grill Cyrus Restaurant

“Partnering with Centralbooks was one of the best decisions we made when starting our restaurant. Being our first business, their experience and attention to detail was invaluable. They continue to go above and beyond at a very reasonable rate. I would recommend the services of Centralbooks to any business.”

– Aaron Garzini Co-Owner, Valette Restaurant

“In 2003, we needed to find someone to trust with our bookkeeping.  As a former restaurateur, Michael understood our need for accurate, timely financial information.  In 2009, CentralBooks grew and Cynthia Fouts came on board personally handling our account and always giving us a “heads-up” on potential problematic issues."

I have no doubt Syrah Bistro and Jackson’s Bar and Oven were successful in a huge part because of CentralBooks.  I recommend them to you without reservation.”

– Regina and Josh Silvers, Owners Jackson’s Bar & Oven