Asking around for recommendations for tax and accounting services in Santa Rosa? There’s no better outsourced tax services than CentralBooks! How can we make that claim? CentralBooks provides outsourced accounting services that are:

    • Local
    • Convenient
    • Streamlined
    • Modern
    • Comprehensive
    • Custom

First, our tax and accounting services are based in Santa Rosa. We understand the unique challenges faced by Sonoma County businesses, such as wildfires, importance of the tourist industry, and high cost of living. We are not just a faceless app. When you contact us, you’ll have a point person in the office, not a robot on a chat screen. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and truly being a partner for our clients.

Our outsourced tax services are convenient and comprehensive. We offer a range of services including payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, tax, data entry, and administrative. We work with your business to determine your unique needs and how we can help. With the wide range of tax and accounting services available to Santa Rosa businesses and our ability to quickly fit into your workflow, you’ll have more time to focus on other areas.

Our team is tech savvy and extremely knowledgeable. We know the ins and outs of accounting software and other programs, making it straightforward to learn your processes. Our efficient staff will smoothly take over the assigned tasks and ensure no downtime for your business. We keep up to date on the latest technology and programs to better serve our customers with modern solutions.

Finally, we take the time to consider your business needs. We want to get to know your company, staff, and work so that we can offer tailored solutions to your business problems. Whether that’s remote administrative work that takes the pressure off you for several hours a week or payroll service that ensures you never miss payday for your employees, we offer a range of services. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.