Paying your income taxes in Napa is, of course, inevitable. At Pisenti & Brinker, we provide a wide range of accounting and advisory services tailored to fit your specific needs. We know how hard you work! It is critical to optimize your earnings and make financial decisions that move you toward a sustainable, successful future. As tax laws continue to become increasingly complex, you need someone in your corner to understand these changes. Because of our extensive experience and knowledge, we can see opportunities in the financial challenges you face.

Since 1965 we have offered a full slate of CPA services to help you manage your federal and state income taxes. We can help you see beyond tax compliance and create an income tax plan. Proactive tax-saving strategies allow you to maximize your after-tax earnings. This includes deferring income and reducing taxes on your income, estate, gifts, investments and retirement distributions. Some strategies include splitting income among family members to lower income, shifting income or expenses from one year to another, making lower-tax investment choices such as pension plans, producing tax-exempt income, or finding tax deductions in investments you can enjoy, such as a vacation home.

Other Financial Services

We can also help with estate, gift, and trust planning. Providing and protecting your loved ones in the future requires careful planning. We can help you minimize estate taxes, give you adequate estate liquidity, manage your assets, and direct the disposition of your assets as you intended. Whether your beneficiaries include family, trusts, or charities, the proper allocation of your assets to those beneficiaries is your primary goal. You can trust that we have the deep understanding and experience required to help you achieve this objective.

Our job is to provide you with a detailed understanding of your current financial situation. We will help you visualize your future, and then help you realize that vision with a step by step strategic financial plan. Contact us today so that we can help you reach your financial dreams.