We’ve got the global reach and experience to optimize your transfer strategy.

We have international tax experience to assist you with design and implementation of a transfer pricing strategy – whether it's documenting global transfer pricing policies, mitigating transfer pricing controversies or cost-effective trade-flow structures.

We can reduce your exposure to the often conflicting jurisdictions that affect how much you should charge in cross-border, related-party sales of goods, services and intellectual property. We can also help you document your related-party transactions in formats required by the IRS and other taxing authorities around the world. With far less effort before a transfer pricing audit starts, we can help you reduce your exposure or eliminate the risk of penalties or double taxation.

International business accounting

Foreign sales opportunities bring international tax law issues. You need a CPA who understands international tax laws and can help minimize taxes on international sales while maximizing your business profits.

We're here to help you with

  • Long-term business and individual tax planning
  • Business projections
  • Retirement planning
  • Flow-through entities

Personal tax planning and tax return compliance services for

  • U.S. citizens residing outside the United States
  • Foreign citizens with real estate of other interests in the US
  • Estate planning for foreign nationals with real estate or other interests in the US
  • Tax accounting for non-residents of the US, including, personal and business taxes, rental income and income from the sale of real estate

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