Establishing Your Goal

Planning for the transition of a business involves analyzing the complexities of the business. Those complexities involve whether or not there are family members or employees to be taken into consideration, as well as their expectations and the needs of future management. Potential tax liabilities also affect the transition, and our savvy business advisors are here to assist you with all the decisions and future ramifications. Let us help you transition the business in the direction you have in mind.

Formulating a Plan

Your succession plan will take into consideration a number of factors:

  • Most importantly, your needs and those of your family
  • Examining the attributes, characteristics and challenges of your business
  • Timeline of transition
  • Preparing new management team for assuming leadership, whether family, employees or new owners
  • Flexibility in the event any key components of your plan change

Executing the Plan

  • Implement strategies that minimize any tax burden incurred by the transition
  • Align family/owner/management dynamics with priorities of the business
  • Proceed with financial services, retirement projections, tax projections, business restructuring and business valuations as appropriate

While transitioning a business can be daunting, the emotional factors can be minimized with a team of professionals experienced in this type of transition, resulting in a rewarding step forward. Let us help you transition your business.

Take your next step with us.

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