One local sector of industry above all others has changed in the past two years – construction.

The epic fires of 2017-19 in Northern California have had an unprecedented impact on the industry and all its related trades and professions. Factors such as a persistent shortage of and competition for talent has challenged every contractor. Soaring materials costs and the surge in demand are serious hurdles. Pre-construction costs are higher due to hazardous debris removal and inspections.

Contractors' customers are asking questions they may not have routinely answered.

  • What about our insurance gaps?
  • What are the changes in building trends?
  • Will new construction involve non-combustible and fire resistant/retardant siding?
  • Are there local green building requirements?
  • Are there new state and local government requirements?

Our team of professional has worked with construction industry clients for decades and we're well versed in their accounting concerns. Whether it's new tax legislation, bonding and banking capacity, financial statements or accounting software implementation and training, we're here to help. Our clients are contractors, engineering firms, heavy equipment firms, sub-contractors/transportation companies and architects.

In addition to the basic areas of taxation and accounting, we're ready to assist you with

  • Job costing
  • Single and multi-state tax issues
  • Cost segregation studies for your customers
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Cash flow management and analysis
  • Accounting methods
  • Project cost analysis and comparisons
  • Section 199A deduction
  • Strategic planning
  • Operational reviews
  • Tangible asset rules
  • Contract claim assistance

We are pleased to be members of:

  • North Coast Builders Exchange
  • American Society of Appraisers
  • North Bay Home Builders' Association
  • Northern California Engineering Contractors Association (ECA)

Take your next step with us.

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