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  • Are you contemplating any purchase, sale or exchange of properties?
  • Does your company structure minimize your tax and maximize your growth potential?
  • Do you know the real cost of your project?
  • Have you considered a cost segregation study to accelerate your depreciation deductions and maximize your current tax savings?
  • Are you concerned about the controls in place over your accounting system?

We Know the Real Estate Development Industry.

Cost management, access to capital, access to product, elevated risk management, ever-changing tax legislation, fraud risk, anticipation of market trends and continued pressure to increase profitability – these are all challenges that today’s real estate development firms continually face. We’re professionals that understand these challenges and are experienced at helping our clients address and overcome those challenges so they can continue their day-to-day business activities.

We serves all aspects of the real estate industry including:

  • Commercial Real Estate Developers
  • Homebuilders
  • Construction Contractors
  • Real Estate Management Companies
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)
  • Real Estate Operating and Service Companies

Our professionals’ understanding of the volatility and intricacies of the real estate industry gives them the insight to give sound advice to their clients. We continually strive to make our clients’ financial reporting relevant to their changing needs. Our experience shows this to be one of the most valuable services we can provide our real estate clients and it is what sets us apart from other firms.

We assist Real Estate Developers with:

  • 1031 Exchanges of “Like-Kind” Investment Property
  • Passive Activity Deductions
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Projections
  • Acquisition Issues
  • Tax Rules Governing Subdividing Real Estate
  • Maximization of Deductions of Development Costs
  • Financing Assistance and Deal Structuring
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Lease Analysis and Review
  • Internal Accounting Procedures

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