Pisenti & Brinker has years of experience serving the diverse needs of retail companies.

In the past, retailers had to contend with seasonal fluctuations, updating inventory and providing customers with a memorable shopping experience. Fast forward to today's retail marketplace. It has changed dramatically and demands that retailers adapt to drastic shifts in consumer behavior. Aggressive competition and internet shopping have entirely changed the playing field. 

For over 50 years, retailers have turned to us for assistance with compliance concerns and long-term growth strategies. Our professionals understand revenue growth, margin improvements, cost management, reporting, risk and other challenges retailers face. We are experienced at providing retailers with key performance metrics and impact of new trends to assist with their profitability goals. Tax planning is key, as well as understanding applicable tax credits, general accounting and inventory methods and tax treatment of capital expenditures. We can act as your CFO or Controller as needed, assisting you with procedures, sales records, bank information, operational ratios and financial statements.

Whether your business is auto parts, auto dealer, building materials, apparel, gourmet food, appliances, household furnishings or plumbing and heating equipment, our objective is to see that our clients remain competitive.

Let us use our experience and full suite of technology tools to tailor services to meet you specific business needs.

Take your next step with us.

We want to work with you for a successful future.