• Do you find your organization having to provide increased levels of service with diminished revenues?
  • Are you looking for creative ways to help your organization achieve its mission?
  • Are you managing your federal, state or donated funds to get the most from your limited resources?
  • Do you find maintaining compliance with funding requirements challenging?

As business consultants to a large number of government agencies, we understand their challenges, industry trends, operations, and economics. We work closely with management and governing bodies in the planning and implementation of engagements. We tailor our recommendations to your organization’s particular needs and operating objectives.

What We Can Do For You

By monitoring changes in your industry, federal and state regulations, and all accounting standards and reporting requirements that are unique to government agencies, we are able to ensure the delivery of high quality services to your organization.

We provide the following services to government agencies:

  • Audits performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and Government Auditing Standards
  • Audits performed in accordance with OMB Circular A-133 (“Single Audits”)
  • Audits and attestation services related to other federal, state, and local compliance requirements
  • Consulting services related to accounting, internal control, compliance, and other matters

Our public sector clients have included:

  • Cities
  • Special districts
  • Municipal utilities
  • Transportation authorities
  • Educational institutions
  • Cultural organizations

We are members of the AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC).

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