Assurance Services for External Reporting


  • Do you have concerns about the cost/value of your current financial reporting services?
  • Is your current accounting firm consistently missing your reporting deadlines?
  • Are you inundated with questions that are seemingly unrelated to the audit, review or compilation process?
  • Have your current auditors ever asked you if you really need an audit, or if a less-costly review would be sufficient for your reporting needs?
  • Are you getting useful recommendations related to your internal controls and operating efficiencies?
  • Does your current auditor assist you with obtaining a timely understanding of the ever-changing financial reporting requirements?
  • Does your auditor tailor your audit to the unique operational aspects of your business?

Our audit professionals train and operate on a risk-based model that demands a clear understanding of your business, your industry and your internal controls. The service team at Pisenti & Brinker LLP uses the latest in audit technology and software to identify exceptions and perform high-end analysis. It is this sophisticated financial analysis that allows our team to give you the perspective you need to manage your business and supports you on the road to success.

The audit team at Pisenti & Brinker focuses on the core values of integrity and stewardship. These values create a business culture that motivates us to provide financial reports that are objective, independent and credible. Our industry-focused professionals start with listening to you and your concerns, then collaborating with you to bring you the insights and information you need. Our team is always sensitive to the cost of these engagements and is committed to bringing you the best value for the level of assurance services that you require.

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